Jhajjar Art Festival

This was a one of its kind initiative, we brought children from municipalities schools together on. Sunday to paint the largest artwork in town. Now the kids own the streets with their creativity.

>We believe in Sustenance. The abundance in nature provides the opportunity for our toil to shape and create individual aspirations. And connecting these aspirations in a social network of viable culture is our effort to procreate the perfection that nature is. By the choice of our inclination to our work, we dedicate our practice, well aligned with the questions of daily life and ideological Utopia, in a symmetry of aesthetics and beautification. Art is our choice.

Our revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society where teams of artists will co-ordinate community projects to ease and uplift the quality of life in targeted areas. Every participant will be accredited for participation and their efforts and contributions. It is desirable for the team aspirants to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service.