Wall of democracy is a public art installation to spread awareness about these 5 pillars of democratic principles. Completed over a week, featuring the detail it took to personalize every character within the artwork, a thousand individual faces were painted... read more

Gurugram Street Art Festival

We encourage citizens to join the initiatives. Let the world be your canvas and create an occasion for individuals to raise the community morale with street art festivals and cultural performances. read more

Village Chaupads

We attempt to tap in to the social capability of learning and focusing aided through visual mediums of community art and values. The effort is to expatiate the learning pallet beyond school corridors and homes, giving pictures to social determination in public areas. read more <

Sohna City Transformation

Within a month the entire city of Sohna took on a transformation that saw several public areas highlighted on the city Map with assertion on good practices in public behavior and citizen responsibility. Sohna now also houses a surreal mega rhino graffiti on it rocky hillsides. . read more

Jhajjar Art Festival

This was a one of its kind initiative, we brought children from municipalities schools together on. Sunday to paint the largest artwork in town. Now the kids own the streets with their creativity. . read more

Save the Leopard - Tikli Village

As part of a nationwide campaign to save the native leopard population from the fears of urbanisation, we created a record size public art that can be viewed from several kms at each side. read more

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